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Beren Saat, information about religion, husband, family, nationality, age, weight, the beginning of her artistic career, the most important works in which she participated, information about her personal life, her official sites on social networking sites, and a collection of new and exclusive photos of her.

personal details

Date of birth: February 26, 1984 AD
Residence: Ankara, Turkey
Age: 35 years old
Height: 167 cm
Weight is 50 kg
Nationality: Turkish
Religion: Muslim
Hair color: Dark brown
Eye color: brown
Astrological sign: Pisces
Beginning of her artistic career: 2004 AD
Siblings: Jim Sat
Marital Status: Married to Kenan Dougolo
Qualification: I graduated from Baskent University from the Faculty of Commerce, Business Administration Department
Favorite sport: basketball

Instagram, Twitter and Facebook Beren Saat

Her site on Instagram https: //www.instagram.com.Beren Saat
Its Facebook website: https: //www.facebook.com.Beren Saat
A website on Twitter: https://twitter.com/Beren Saat

Complete information about Beren Saat

A famous Turkish actress, one of the stars of the first grade in television and movies, was born in the city of Ankara on February 26, 1984 AD from a large family. Her father is Hussein Saat and she is the second daughter of her father and her mother Ella has one brother, Gemsat, who graduated from the Sports Academy is five years older than her. Beren studied elementary, middle and second in Ankara, in which she grew up, and while she was studying at TED High School in Ankara, she participated in many musical films.

Beren said in one of the press interviews that she sings with a bottle of deodorant in her hand and plays roles in front of the mirror, and thinks and reads a lot, and Beren Saat began her studies and graduated from the Faculty of Commerce (Business Administration) at Baskent University), and her hobbies are acting and watching movies And serials, especially the old ones
Her friends supported her to apply in a competition called (Türkiye’nin Yıldızları) and she got second place from her, then she worked for a while in TV commercials, the most important of which was the sugar advertisement called “Tovi” directed by Sinan Chetin. And she made her debut as an actress on TV screens.

Beren Saat’s acting career

Her first appearance was on television in 2004 through the series “There is Love of Death”. It was an important role in which she proved the role of her talents. Then she was assigned the lead role in the series “Samar’s Story” in 2005 AD prepared by Tomris Gritelioglu, starring Serab Aksoy – Best Perekat Nil Gunay – Izzat Gunay – Ilkan Karjun – Ali Pinar), and her fame increased after that. She played the starring role in the famous Turkish series Yasmine from 2005 to 2008, with her co-starring the well-known artist Kancel Elkin – Okan Yalabek – Aida Axel – Lachin Ceylan – Meltim Barlak – Serhat Mustafa.

In the year 2008 AD until 2010 AD, the most famous Turkish series presented in the Arab world (Al-Ishq Al-Mamouna), it is one of the most famous Turkish series, starring Kivanc Tatlitug, Selcuk Yuntam and actress Hazel Kaya, and it was subjected to many different criticisms from time to time. The record in viewing was shown in many other countries other than Turkey, it was dubbed into other languages, she played the role of Samar who married Adnan, a very rich but old businessman, and then met her husband’s nephew Muhannad (Bahloul), who lived with him Ishq Forbidden and forbidden.

Beren Saats acting career
Beren Saats acting career

Whoever came forward and played the title role of Fatima Gul in the controversial series (What is Fatima Gul’s fault?), From 2010 to 2012 AD, the series was also subjected to a lot of criticism, but it was praised and praised thanks to drawing attention to women’s rights. It is a story based on a true story. About a girl who was raped by three people who were under the influence of drugs and alcohol, and her journey began with proof of their guilt, and how Turkish law has many loopholes, including that when the rapist marries the rapist, the case may be dropped, but she fought a lot of businessmen and men standing with the rapist in order to obtain On her right of them.

Beren Saat movies

She also participated in many cinematic films beside the TV series, and the Autumn Pain was her first film and was shown in 2009 and she starred in the movie Wings of the Night in 2009 AD, the unicorn season in 2012 AD and the special global film in 2013 AD The Fall of Pain – Güz Sancisi, directed by Tomris Gere Telioglu and writer Ali Olvi Honkar, starring Murat Yildirim and Okan Yalabek, in the same year she presented a drama film called Wings of the Night – Gecenin Kanatlari, she played the role of the girl who lost her parents in one of the raids, and decided to carry out a suicide operation, but she falls in love, directed by Sardar Sat, co-starring Murad Senomis, Arkan Petekiak, has also participated in many films as a singer in addition to her starring role in many series that have set records in viewership.

Husband and lover of Beren Saat

Beren Saat has been associated with singer Kanan Douglou since 2012, and they got engaged on February 23, 2014, and they got married in Los Angeles on the beaches of Malibu on the evening of July 29 – in the United States of America on July 29, 2014 after a long romantic relationship that lasted three years, and it was exposed. Beren Saat’s thinness and paleness months ago, their marriage took place in a severe crisis for some time, which may be caused by Beren Saat’s exposure to psychological exhaustion as a result of her repeated attempts to conceive with fertilization technique in Istanbul and Los Angeles to no avail, and it seems that Kenan is in a hurry to conceive like his brother, musician Ozan Doglu, who had three daughters, Despite this, the other divorced his wife amicably last 2018 after a long marriage due to the impossibility of understanding between them.

It is worth noting that the Turkish newspapers announced that the divorce lawsuit of Beren Saat and Kenan Doglu will be considered on Thursday, March 28th, and the divorce is expected to take place by mutual understanding, as many parties in the family tried to reconcile the party, but the Turkish star rejected those attempts and insisted on Divorce, which made her husband respond to her decision, but the past few days, Beren appeared after the completion of filming one of the episodes of her new series The Gift, and she denied the rumor of her divorce from her husband.
Beren Saat,

Husband and lover of Beren Saat
Husband and lover of Beren Saat

The Gift

She starred in the first picture from behind the scenes of filming her new series “The Gift”, produced by Netflix in only 8 episodes, and will be co-starring Muhammad Jonsour, Mattin Akdulger and Melissa Schnolson, who also appeared with her in the clip that has spread strongly across social media recently, where he will participate in It was written by a group of Turkish screenwriters, including Nuran Afrinishit and Jason George.

Beren Saat TV series, movies and ads

Autumn pains in 2009
Night Wings 2009
Game story 3 in 2010
The season of the unicorn in 2012
Merida legend in 2012
My Special World in 2013 AD
Minions in 2015 AD
Between love and revenge in 2015

The series, in which Beren Saat participated

There is death in our love, first part in 2004
Love in Exile (Samar’s Story) 2004/2006 Part One and Two
Remember, dear (Yasmine), the year 2006 AD, the first and second parts
The European side, 2007, Yasmine, episode 121 (guest of honor)
Forbidden Love 2008/2010 Part One and Two
What is Fatima Gul’s fault? (Fatima) 2010/2012 AD Part I and II
The Revenge of 2013/2014 AD, Part I and II
Sultana Kossim in 2015 the first part


Tofita (candy) in 2004/2005
Patos (Chipsy) 2010/2011 AD
Rexona (deodorant) 2010/2011 AD
Duru (Shampoo Shower) 2013/2014 AD
Arcelik in 2015 AD

Awards received by Beren Saat

Beren Saat won many awards during her artistic career, and she was nominated for several awards as well. Beren won her first award for the role of Yasmine in the series Remember My Dear (Yasmine), which she starred in in 2008, by ranking her as the best actress in the Altin Lally Awards for the Arts. Beautiful Altın Lale Güzel Sanatlar 67.

In 2009/2010, she won the Golden Butterfly Award twice in a row, for the role of Behtar (Samar) in the series Al-Ishq Al-Mamnoua, and won the Best Actress of the Year award at the awards ceremony, which was organized by Yildiz Technical University in 2009. She was worthy of the same award for her role in the series What is Fatima Gul’s Sin? (Fatima) In 2011, she won the Best Film Actress Award for her role in a special international film in 2014,

Beren Saat was nominated for an award for her classification as the best series actress, but Ozgu Namal got On the first year award, while Aya Banjul won the second year award, and in 2012 she was nominated for the International Drama Awards in Seoul, which was organized in South Korea for her performance in the series What is the fault of Fatima Gul? While Beren Saat was a nominee for TV of the Year at the Journal of Politics Awards in 2014, she was awarded the Film Actress of the Year award.

What you did not know about Beren Saat

Beren Saat participated in several social responsibility projects in 2011, she donated what she earned from the Rexona advertisement, which is estimated at 100 thousand Turkish liras, to the Mor Çatı Association, in November 2012, Beren designed a shirt for Ella magazine whose cover bears a picture of Beren Without make-up, these shirts were offered for sale in (NateWork) stores and the profits of the sale were donated to the (Nar Taneleri) pomegranate project, which contributes to the education of girls from 18-24 years old in developing countries.

Beren Saat prepared herself for the photo shoot with a child with leukemia wearing a Snow White suit for use on the January calendar page (timeline) that is offered for sale and her earnings are given to LÖSEV (a foundation to help children with leukemia), which Trendus.com prepared in a month. December of the same year. Moreover, Beren Saat advised Afghan women on the project “Have Your Children in Health Institutions” carried out by the European Union and the Ministry of Health in Afghanistan. Beren performed a voice in the promotional film for the campaign “Send Me Daddy to School” by Azan. Chikatan directed it in September 2014.