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Personal card and private information

Batuhan Eksi was born on October 13, 1990.

Batuhan Ekşi’s age in 2018: 28 years old.

Place of Birth: Born in Turkey – Istanbul.

Nationality: Turkish.

Height: 183 cm.

Weight: 80 kg.

Hair colour: black.

Eye colour: dark brown.

What is the religion of Batuhan Ekşi: He is a Muslim.

Astrological sign: It is the sign of Libra.

Academic/scientific qualification: Faculty of Arts at Bakent University.

Wife or girlfriend of Batuhan Ekşi: Not married.

Official websites:
His Instagram site (Instagram) – Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/eksibatuhan/
His Facebook – facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Doruk.Medcezir/
His imdb website: https://www.imdb.com/name/nm6410889/
His website on Twitter – twitter: https://twitter.com/batuhaneksi?lang=ar

When did his artistic career begin: His artistic career began in 2011.

What is his favorite sport: His favorite sport is swimming, in addition to practicing strength games in the gym. Except for the people you hate because they couldn’t reach the right and appropriate type of sport for them.

What is his talent: His talent is acting and raising animals.

Batuhan Eksis age in 2018 28 years old
Batuhan Eksis age in 2018 28 years old

Series, movies, and plays

The series Don’t Leave My Hand in 2018 in the role of Tariq – The Sea in My Heart series in the two parts (2017 – 2018) in the role of Mustafa – Time of Migration 2015 – Summer 2015 – Tides 2013 AD – Immigration series – My Magical Mother Season 5 2011 AD.

Secrets and life story of Batuhan Ekşi and biography

The story of the childhood and upbringing of the actor:

He was a special child since his childhood, he loved acting and occupied his thinking, and he chose to study acting to enhance and strengthen his talent, and took acting lessons. He was born in Istanbul in 1990 AD, his astrological sign is Libra, he lived with his family in Istanbul, and he has one sister, since he was young and loves acting and his mother helped him a lot in developing his talent. His mother and father divorced many years ago, and he lives with his mother and husband.

became all interested in strengthening his talent by studying and training. He is always a polite and calm young man who is ready to learn and go anywhere to study. Since his childhood, he loves imitating famous personalities and watching television a lot to imitate artists in their representation. When he grew up, he presented the matter to his mother and began searching for an artist agency. He was chosen to be an advertising face, but he was not forced to enter this field, and he chose to go to training first before entering this world in order to be eligible for representation.

His studies and his artistic beginnings in acting:

After graduating from high school, he took acting lessons at the Faculty of Arts, and also completed his education at the Acting Academy, and received acting lessons from acting coach Vicente Perchin, for the first time in front of the audience on the university stage, he knew that acting is not an easy thing, and he must, He studies it more, and said that the study of acting has no other, as the actor continues to learn until he dies. He began working in acting in 2011 AD through a small role in the series (My Magical Mother) in the role of Afrash, and despite the small role, he gained fame and increased his self-confidence and got acquainted with a group A great artist from whom he learned a lot. He has a tall, athletic body and a beautiful face. He quickly entered the hearts of his viewers.

He got the role of Mustafa in the series (The Sea in My Heart), and it was a strong role for a young man who begins his artistic path and career. It was a dream of mine since I was young, and it is still my dream in the future to become a great artist known by many people around the world. He sees acting as a fun and exciting profession, and it adds a lot to him.

dreams of offering strange roles, he does not mind offering any new and strange role, to the point of watching it For any man in the street who tries to imitate and watch him, he is currently participating in a new Turkish series called (Do not leave my hand), the series was produced in 2018. Its first episodes were shown on June 22 on Turkish channels. The series received great advertising coverage before its release, along with a strong production, which was presented The role of an ambitious boy who works in a large food restaurant and is the friend of the hero (Alb Navruz).

His personal secrets and relationships:

He was known to be a fan of riding motorbikes, he has one that he loves a lot and he spends his spare time cleaning and riding. He loves the cinema and does not miss any new cinema movie. He loves to drink Turkish coffee and goes to Turkish coffee to drink this coffee, so whoever wants it from his friends is looking for it in coffee, His favorite fragrance is Mont Blanc Legend, he loves to wear sportswear and matching colors.

He combs his hair straight and wears sunglasses, one of the things he cannot leave the house without a wristwatch, to the point that he forgot it and went out of his house to come back again without hesitation to retrieve it.

When he talks about the girl of his dreams, he likes a smart girl who knows what she wants, he does not like fools, he likes her to be nice and of a refined nature, he is not fascinated by the beauty of a woman as he is impressed by her intelligence, and he also loves her bold, educated, educated, strong, who does not need anyone and to be the owner of her achievements to be Proud of her, but he’s not in a relationship with anyone yet.

He doesn’t leave the house without putting on deodorant or perfume, he takes great care of himself and his skin, he puts a cream against the sun because he is sensitive to it, I clean my skin and go to the shower every day before bed, he exercises daily, and the things he can never do, theft, he never steals. He does not sell his body, it belongs to him, he does not like to deceive anyone in his feelings, he tries to maintain his relationship with the people he loves and his family, the most important thing he has in life, they are his strength and have supported him a lot and have stood by him until now.