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The heroes of the new ATV series Baş Belası are curious. Baş Belası is planned to be a summer series. There are important players in the Baş Belası series. But who are the riot players? Here’s who is the lead and which character does it present? Here are the answers to your questions!

The crew of the series baş belası

Eram Hilfjioglu and Sitchkin Ozdemir, with the participation of the child Ayub Mart as the son of Iram in the series. Baş belası Series Director Murat Anbal will be the Director of Ba Series; Belası. Baş Belası is scheduled to be released in June 2021, and is expected to be in the romantic comedy-action genre.

Newly Joined Baş Belası Heroes

The rioters are Erm Helvajioglu, Sishkin Ozdemir, Nice Baikent, Tanner Romeli Dilara Akswik and Pucci Boss Kahraman Willmaz Kunt. The beautiful actress Erm Helvajioglu, who came to the world in Germany in 1990, will also play a leading role in the series Bash Blasey in the summer of 2021, after the series I waited for you, which reached the finals early in 2021. The beautiful actress, who was famous for his character The same who gave her life in the TV series Sen Anlat Karadeniz, is originally from Ankara and received her acting education at the Moujdat Jezzine Art Center. Bahjat C. She starred in Ankara Police, Magnificent Century, Valley of the Wolves, Girls of the Sun and finally No .: 309.

Sekin Ozdemir In 2020, Seçkin Özdemir, who appeared as Yiğit in the Flatyos and Servants series in the Osman Foundation series, will also take a leading role in the summer series Ba; Belası. The handsome actor, who recently caught the eye for failing to make it to the series, also failed on the series as Dear Past, My Dangerous Wife and Broken Broken The handsome actor, who worked as a radio programmer prior to acting, received advanced acting training at the Mogaddat MG Arts Center and Bashkent Academy for Communications. . He entered the acting role with the lead role in the series Yisilmem and then appeared in the series Raccoon Family. Seçkin Özdemir, who is 1.80 and weighs 73 kg, is single. Rumors spread on social media about her love for Sevda Ergenchy.

Who is the heroine of the series Baş Belası?

Co-star in the series, Buçe Buse KAHRAMAN, was born in 1996 and is 25 years old. Who appeared in the series Awakening Great Seljuks, Buçe Buse KAHRAMAN, is 1.70 cm high and 54 kg in weight, she is a graduate of the theater department at Dokuz Eylül University. She was introduced to the life-giving lilac character in the TV series Forbidden Apples.

As for our main heroine, the actress Iram, her first appearance began with a role in the famous police drama “Wolf Valley”, and she began acting through the television program “Behzat Police” and began to gain international fame from the audience and love her role, but then she gained more fame. She played a role in the TV series “Harlem Sultan” (The Magnificent Century), in which she played the role of Norbar Khatun, and considered her real breakthrough and went on to show what made her stand out from other new actresses. Works.

He played the same role as the most famous for her so far, the girl who married a very wealthy businessman, but he tortured and imprisoned her and loves to beat her and treat her violently, and he is sexy, dynamic and romantic, and this role deserves attention. The series met with the approval of all critics and audiences, and received wide attention in the Arab countries and Turkey, as the series discussed a very important topic that occurred in Turkey and many countries / regions, namely, violence against women.

Who is the hero of the Baş Belası series?

Seshkin Ozdemir is from Istanbul, Turkey. He was born on August 25, born in 1981 and is 39 years old. He believes in Islam because he was born in the Virgo. His family is very simple, his father works in a shoe factory and his mother is a housewife, and he has four siblings, and his education ranges from elementary school to high school in his city, but after graduating from middle school, he moved to Izmi, entered Izmir, Department of Economics, and graduated from Kocaeli University.

The artist Shishkin Ozdemir co-starred in the series Asheq al-Barr, and this is the role of the young and handsome Bulot. He participated in the series Soul Crackers, and the work appeared in the role of Aslan. Principal Investigator. This work was in 2004, and he participated in his first TV work in 2008, which was called Japanoglu. He participated in the series “Let’s write” and played the role of Elias in 2008

Among the staff is the artist Yilmaz Kunt. Yilmaz Kunt was born on November 19, 1994 in Ankara, and graduated from Atilim University. Department of International Relations. He is the winner of the European and World Modeling Contest Yilmaz Kunt. Winner of the 2015 Best of Turkey Award. Yilmaz Kunt continues. Who started acting with the series Sev Yeter, in the rise of the series Bahtiyar Ölmez and Luxurious Love.

The Baş Belası series was cast

Co-starring Ness Bakent Finally, Nice Backkent, who appeared with Yelda Yiğiter in the TV series Luxurious Love, was identified as Feldan, who gave her life in the series Blind Love. Nish Baikent was born on June 2, 1975 in Izmir and completed her acting education at Hacettepe University Conservatory. Ne; e Baykent, which started with the Shaheen Hill chain, is 1.66 meters high and weighs 56 kilograms.

Who is Yilmaz Kunt? His religion, family, wife, age

He also shares the artist, Taner Rumeli, who recently appeared in the series Sol Yanım as Onur. Taner Rumeli who previously appeared in the TV series Avili Ashk, was born on the 8th of April 1985 in Ankara. Tanner Rumley is famous. The 36-year-old, Inadina A; k. Tanner Romeli, beloved with Seda Ashik, is 1.85 meters tall and weighs 80 kilograms.

Delara Axwick (Nazli)

Finally, Dilara Axwick, who appeared with Lawyer Füsun in the series Bug, is included in the baş belası series as Nazli. Dilara Axwick was born on the 24th of July 1987 in Izmir, she is 34 years old. The actress Dilara Akyurek, who studied theater at the MGM Art Center, recently appeared in The Magnificent Century Kösem’s series, Name Happiness, Old Friend and Mercy. Dilara Axwick, which is 1.68 meters long and weighs 58 kg, is known as İstanbullu Gelin chain silk.

The crew of the series bas belasi
The crew of the series bas belasi