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Barıs Arduc Information about his religion, wife, series

Barıs Arduc Information about his religion, his wife, his series, and a full report

Barıs Arduc Omar, the hero of the series Love for Rent, complete information about him, height, weight, age, wife, his private life, religion, nationality, astrological sign and his studies, his works and secrets of his life, upcoming projects and biography, special details about his life, his talent, his favorite sport and his academic qualification, and his social networking sites.

Barıs Arduc Personal Information

Date of birth: October 9, 1987 AD.
Age in 2018: 30 years old.
Birthplace: Born in Münsterlingen, Switzerland.
Nationality: Turkish.
Height: 190 cm.
Weight: 80 kg.
Hair colour: dark brown.
Eye colour: brown.
What is the religion of Barıs Arduc: He is a Muslim.
Astrological sign: It is the sign of Sagittarius.
Academic/scientific qualification: He was awarded the Sports Academy Scholarship at Erics Kayseri University.
Barıs Arduc’s wife or girlfriend: Married.
When did his artistic career begin: His artistic career began in 2011.
What is his favorite sport: His favorite sport is athletics and sports such as swimming, diving, football, basketball and handball.
What is his hobby and his favorite things: His hobby is taking care of pets, and associations for fighting cancer.

Barıs Arduc’s Works Movies, TV Shows, Plays

Sadis Sen – Deliha – Little Lady or Little Miss (Küçük Hanımefendi) – Dirty Seven (Pis Yedili) – Don’t Worry About Me (Benim İçin Üzülme) – Love for Rent – Bugünün Saraylısı.

Secrets, his life story and biography

The story of the artist’s childhood, upbringing, study and education Barış was born in Switzerland in 1987 AD, he spent his early years there with his family. Because of his father’s working conditions. He has two other brothers, who is the middle one, his family is of Albanian origin, and his father is from Fatsa. His mother is descended from Artqin, his older brother is Onur, and his younger brother is Mert. He returned to Turkey with his family permanently at the age of eight, and completed his school studies at Sakarya and Gölcük School, and because of an earthquake in Izmit, he moved with his family in Bolu, and during his secondary studies he moved to Istanbul and continued his secondary education.

After passing the university exams, he received a scholarship from Erics Kayseri University in the Sports Academy, but he left it because he did not adapt to them, and he returned again to Istanbul in the first school year, and chose to participate in sports activities that were better for him, since he had been practicing sports such as swimming and diving since his childhood. He also became a lifeguard and diving instructor for 8 years, then the idea of ​​getting acting training came.

His start in acting

After he worked in the Underwater Sports Federation in Turkey and worked as a lifeguard, and participated in many sports competitions, he decided to take educational courses in acting, by joining the theater of actress Ella Algan, and he also received extensive training in theatrical acting at the Sadri Alışık Theater and began professional acting. .

He started professional acting in 2011 in (Kocuk Hanmivendi), then Denli Sevgili with Aysan Yaldis and Aysha Aysin Turan. In the same year, he participated as a guest in the Seventh Dirty series.

He continued to provide supporting roles, including his role in the series (Bugünün Saraylisi) for two consecutive seasons, and presented a beautiful role in the movie (Dilha) in 2014, and the romantic drama film Sadis Sen, starring Belkacem Belgin, Ibrahim Celikul and Karim Jean, revolving around a love story between a woman Beautiful but blind and a former boxing player.

He started getting starring roles in 2015 through the role of Tekken in the series (Racon: Ailem İçin – Racon: For Fathers and Mothers), starring Mehmet Aslantog, Hande Doğandmir, Sekken Özdemir, but he gained greater fame when he presented the role of Omar in the series (Love for Rent – Kiralik Ask).

Omar, the hero of the series Love for Rent

His first starring role, in which he presented the role of businessman (Omar), a rich shoe designer who owns a company, who falls in love with Defne, an ordinary girl for him, but she has a good spirit, but there is an agreement in the matter, his uncle’s wife agreed with that girl to sign him In love with her and marrying him in exchange for paying her the debt of her brother, but she fell in love with him, and she became between confessing to him about the matter from the beginning and his loss, or continuing that relationship by lying, and on the day of the wedding she confessed to Omar about everything and left her and traveled, the work got a percentage Great follow-up, from the heroes of the work in the two seasons (Elchin Sango – Saleh Badamji – Narges Kombazar – Kerim Fertina).

Omar and Dafneh became the most beloved couple on the screen at the time, and they even participated in a romantic comedy together called (The Time of Happiness), but this duo did not get the same success they wanted at the box office, this work revolves around Mert who is trying to create a perfect life for one of them He is also a playful young man with many relationships. He tried to make Ada (Chin Sanju) in love with him in the way he signs all the girls, but he failed to sign her in love with him, but after many attempts.

Barıs Arduc and his wife

About his personal life, he was in a relationship with the Turkish artist (Gupsa Ozas), they appeared together in many public places such as major malls in Istanbul, and famous restaurants, very closely, in one of the restaurants he kissed and a journalist photographed them, until he stated that they had a relationship Emotional, the age of that relationship so far four years. Until the marriage took place in 2020 in a simple family ceremony. Barish appeared in a simple white shirt and his wife in a simple white dress, also unpretentious.

The latest news of Barış Ardoush

But as usual, the press and the media circulated news without being sure, this news is his betrayal of his girlfriend with one of the artists who shared his work with him (Love for Rent), a married actress, and when he wanted to end that relationship, that artist started causing problems during filming, and because of the uproar that happened Because of these events and fake news, and all these false news were denied, this is not the only rumor, but a rumor of his association with the artist, Chin Sanju, was also launched, and the artist confirmed that there was chemistry between them, which made the audience believe that there was a relationship, but there is nothing like this at all.

It is also known about the artist Paris that he is a fan of sports, and has been practicing many types of sports for a long time, but now he is interested in the sport of Congo Fu and Karate, and he has also begun to take an interest in bodybuilding games. As for his latest news, is he really separated from his girlfriend? A lot of news circulated about his leaving his girlfriend, especially after he traveled to spend a large period in Thailand to get boxing exercises, and this was accompanied by his separation from his girlfriend to stay away from her for a while, but he continued to deny that news of his release and said (that everything is fine, and there is no separation or something).

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