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Information about Aslihan Güner

Date of birth: December 17, 1987
Place of birth: Istanbul, Turkey
Age: 32 years old
Nationality: Turkish
Religion: Muslim
Height: 170 cm
Weight: 57 kg
Astrological Sign: Sagittarius
Academic qualification: I graduated from Bilkent University’s theater department with a master’s degree
Marital Status: Married Mert Kilic 2013
Siblings: Neslihan Gunner, Yasmine Gunner

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Actress Biography Aslihan Güner

An artist born in Istanbul on December 17, 1987AD, on June 9, 2013, she married Mert Kelis, whom she met in the series efkat Tepe. She studied acting at the Barish Manchu Cultural Center. She made her debut in the TV series The World of Secrets in 2002. After her original graduation from Bilkent University’s theater department in 1995, she obtained a master’s degree in the same department.

In the year 1993 1994. Aslihan Kandemir acted in a play entitled “The Violinist at the Pinnacle” at the State Opera House in Ankara and in ballet music. Directed by the director Junit Jokeshire. In 1994. Aslihan Candimer trained at the Huntington Theater in Boston. then in 1995 she took a position as an actress in the Roxbury Outreach Company of Shakespeare Experiences.

Sparkle in business

In 1995. Aslihan Kandemir received lectures on drama at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Aslihan Kandemir was represented in the plays entitled “Private Life” directed by Sinan Kinton and the play “The Wedding Paper” by Mustafa Ugurlu at the State Theater in Istanbul. In 1997. Aslihan Kandemir joined the City Theater in Istanbul. During the years 1994 – 1995. Aslihan Kandemir starred in the TV series “Huanam Verhonda”. Moreover. Aslihan Kandemir aired some TV programs.

In 2002 AD

Through the series The World of Secrets. Which narrates the mysterious events with Reha Yeprem’s show on Samanyolu TV. it is a program that reflects the stories of life that live on the screen with messages from the audience. In addition to that. Other channels were affected by these classifications and prepared similar programs. But they did not receive the same attention. Was removed from the post in 2007. But this work made her very popular.

2007 year

I participated in Asi. A local series that aired on Canal channel. Which began on October 26. 2007. The series. which lasted 71 episodes. Ended on June 19. 2009. In Hatay. the series tells the story of two families of four generations. The love story of Asi Kuzcooglu (Tuba Buyukustin) and Demir Dogan (Murat Yildirim.

the tension between their families are the main theme of the series. The Cuzcooglu family has been living on the territory of Hatay for generations. Farm owner Ihsan Kuzkooglu (Chetin Tekindur) and his daughter Acei have dedicated their lives to keeping their farms alive.

Their lives change when Demir Doan comes to town as a successful businessman. Demir’s mother. Emine (Elif Sümbül Sert) and her aunt Süheyla (Tülay Günal) worked on Kozcuoğlu Farm for years and committed suicide by jumping into the Emine Asi (Orontes) River. Demir’s interest in Asi and his relationship with his aunt and sister Milik (Aleph Sonmez) will be tested in each chapter with new challenges.

Aslihan Guner

Aslihan Güner in 2016

Kehribar played a Turkish series starring the well-known artist Gorkan Uygun. The series appeared on March 18. 2016. produced by Süreç Film Company. The events revolve around Orhan Yarmajali. Who left his family. His girlfriend Laila 20 years ago and immigrated to Germany. He was in love with Orhan a rich girl. Her father refused to marry her to him and one night. Orhan and Laila were in his father’s factory. and Laila’s brother Moses attacked them and fought with Orhan. and Orhan stabbed him in the leg and because of this stab. Musa lost his manhood and also his leg. and is relying on his crutch.

And after 20 years. Moses went to Germany and was watching Orhan. and if Orhan was married and had a son. But not his son. Moses confronted Orhan in a restaurant and threatened him to kill his family and also Orhan responded and threatened him, and Moses shocked Orhan and was transferred to the hospital and there he learned that he had cancer And upon learning. He returned to Turkey. and his father was in the hospital. and there he saw his girlfriend. Laila.

And he confronted Moses. Mirra and repeatedly. and Musa wanted to buy the lands of the Yarmajali family. but Burhan Abu Orhan refused to sell. and Orhan had a brother whose name was the guardian of his wife who always instigated him until he sold his earthly father. and then Moses agreed with the idol of the wife of my wife until she killed Burhan Yarmajali Abu Orhan and gave her medicine Until you kill him and kill him.

Orhan was scheduled to return to Germany. but here his father died. he received everything. and he cut off the road to Moses and said. “You will not be able to buy the lands. and the conflict continues between them.”

Aslihan Guner in 2016

She presented many works the most important of which are

The most famous series Artegral Resurrection. Produced by Tekden Film. written by Muhammed Bozdag. directed by Metin Günay. and starring Engin Altan Düzyatan. Esra Bilgiç. Kaan Taşaner. Didem Balçın. and Hülya Darcan. And the struggle of the invader Erturul bin Suleiman Shah in the thirteenth century AD. who was one of the warriors of the Kai tribe of the Muslim Oguz Turks. to later become the leader of the tribe and the prince of the tribes.

as well as the difficult path of the Kai tribe that planted its seeds from the far east to the farthest west. concentrating On the battles and wars that took place between the warriors of this tribe. the Templars. the Mongols and the Cross. which in turn depend on wisdom and cunning more than direct confrontations. in addition to the many Islamic exploits that the series is interested in. which highlights the importance of patience in the way of the conquests and that no matter how bleak the night is The dawn of a new day must come.

The second season of the series revolves around the Kay tribe’s struggle against the Mongols this time in the middle of the thirteenth century. In the third season. Under the leadership of Kayı Boyu Ertuğrul Bey. Who settled in Söğüt in the middle of the thirteenth century. He will fight the Byzantine Empire.

In 2019, the Yildiz Championship. The heroine of the North Star series. presented the series to be broadcast on Show TV in the 2019-2020 season. . The first season will reach about 35 episodes. his story revolves around Kzai. who left his wife and settled in the Black Sea with his three daughters. and the story tells about the father who left during his stay in Istanbul and came to Ordu with his two daughters to live.

The most important works presented by Aslihan Güner

World of Secrets – (2002)
The Great Meeting – (2004)
My Best Friend – (2004)
Imam – Zahra (2005)
Selena – Demeter (2006)
Captive Hearts – (2006)
Minus 18 – (2006)
Flower of Love – (2006)
Gul Oia in My Circle – Delek (2006)
You Can’t Destroy My House – Pelin (2007).

The Eyes of Zeliha – Selma (Guest) (2007)
Assi – Junka Kuzcoglu (2007)
Shedding Tepee – Lily (2010) – Jasmine (2013)
Sumela Law: Temel – Saturn (2011)
Once Upon a Time Ottoman – Asma (2012)
Good night – Gulkan
Moscow Code: Primary – Saturn (2012)
Center Everything Right – Yasmine (2013).

Red Apple – Azra (2014)
Journey to Spring – Love (2015)
Amber – Spring (2016)
Give-Away – ISNOR – (2017)
The Resurrection of Ertugrul – Karaka Khatun (2017)
Mind – Siza (2019)
North Star as Yildiz Kadioglu (2019)

The most important works presented by Aslihan Guner

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