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Asli Enver (born May 10, 1984) is a Turkish Actress. She is best known for her roles in several TV series including Mine in Kavak Yelleri, Ahu Kumral in Suskunlar, and Süreyya in İstanbullu Gelin. She is also known for her roles in Kayıp, Bana Artık Hicran De, Kardeşim Benim, Tamam mıyız? And Babylon.

Asli Enver Her religion, her height, weight, and other details

Date of birth: May 10, 1984
Age 2020: 36 years old
Place of birth: London, United Kingdom
Current residence: Turkey
Nationality: Turkish
Height: 1.70
Religion: Islam
The beginning of her artistic career: 2002 – to date
Profession: Turkish actress – singer

Biography and family of artist Asli Enver

Asli Enver was born in London, and she is the second daughter of her family. Her father is a Turkish Cypriot who lived in London and got to know her mother in London. who traveled from Turkey to London to study and married her. Asli lived in London until she was 12 years old. Then returned with her family to Turkey Aslı Enver won a song contest in London.

Asli Enver studied at the Pera School of Fine Arts in Turkey. enrolled at Haliç University, Department of Theater. and started theater at the Majjat ​​Jizen Art Center in Istanbul.

She worked for a while in the field of commercials for the most well-known brands. such as Bepanthol – Construction Loans – Liscon – Molpid – Blue Green – Orange Paris – Yapı Kredi- Mavi Yeşil.

Her acting career

Her artistic career debuted with a small role in Uzay sitkomu. Which she participated in the youth series Life Sciences. After which she participated in the main role in the Kavak Yelleri series. For five consecutive seasons and starred in the Suskunlar TV series.

She has also acted in several films like Tamam mıyız? Kardeşim Benim, Kayıp, Bana Artık Hicran De, Mutlu Ol Yeter, and Kış Güneşi. Her close friends are Nilay Sorgüven and Dolunay Soysert.

Personal life and spouses of the artist Asli Enver

The Turkish artist Asli Enver got married more than once. The first marriage was with the Turkish artist, Birkan Sokollu, and it was in 2012. Then she announced her divorce from him in a statement from her lawyer on August 27, 2015.

And in 2016, at her birthday party. The handsome singer Murad Boz declared his love for Asli Enver and expressed his love to her through a song. And openly declared his love after that on the Turkish program Beyaz Shaw. And they got married.

He participated in the movie My Brother. Who separated from her in November 2018. They announced their return to each other after 8 months of separation. They separated again in October 2019.

Asli Enver series theatrical

In 2005 – 2007 she presented the series “Information about Al Hayat”. the series “Wind of Poplar” in the title role – “The Willow Years” series

2012 – 2014 I participated in the “Susconlar” series – the series “lost” – the series “Call Me Hicran Now” – the series “The Silent” – “The Missing” series.

The year 2015 – 2019 participated in the championship in the series Just Be Happy. The Winter Sun – The Bride of Istanbul. And in 2020 she presented the series Babel

Films by the artist Asli Enver

In 2013, she participated in the movie Are We Ready.
2016 I made a movie, My Brother.
In 2017, she participated in the movie The Other Side.

In addition to her participation in the short film Mirror.
As for the theater, only one play has been presented so far, which is the workers’ play in 2015.

Asli Enver as a singer

Other than acting, the artist Asli Enver possesses a sweet voice. A high sense, and a talent for singing. So she presented many songs and music during her artistic career, such as:

A song, what a beautiful smile – and a song that is tired of love. The graphic music for the song Be Mother-in-law for my brother’s movie – the song “Going to the South” and participated in singing by the artist Burak Ozjivit – the song “How do I explain”.

Awards and nominations

In 2016, she won more than one award such as the Yildiz Technical University Business Club. And the third Eli Avon Awards for Women for being chosen as the Actress of the Year
In 2017, she won the 44th Pantene Gold Butterfly Awards for Best Actress and the 6th Bilkent Television Awards for Best Dramatic Actress.

In 2018, I won The One Turkey Marketing Awards as the best female advertising face
During the same year, she also won the 45th Gold Pantene Awards for Best Actress

In 2020 I got the eighth Yeditepe Hole ”from Yeditepe University.

Soraya in the series Bride of Istanbul

The series “Bride of Istanbul” is the conflict between love and truth. It is a distinctive artistic and dramatic work that was able to achieve a large and wide audience, and the Turkish star Asli Enver used the character of the girl Soraya, and the events of the series were taking place between the Bursa region and the Istanbul region. The girl, Soraya, who works as a violinist in a restaurant, and between the young Farouk, who is the son of a wealthy family, he meets her by chance.

He loves her and marries her quickly, and she meets Thuraya Farouk’s mother, who is strongly against her son’s marriage to her, and many conflicts and quarrels have occurred between them.

And in the events of the second season of the series “The Bride of Istanbul”, the conflicts in the series are developing between the characters, and specifically in the house of the Farouk family after the discovery of Soraya.

With the presence of a son Farouk from his ex-girlfriend, whose name is Amir, without knowing anything about this issue and Farouk does not tell her

And after a trauma that Thuraya is going through, she decides to leave Farouk and travel to Prague, and Farouk begins to search for her until he finds her and reconciles her and brings her home and his life again, and the rest of the events continue in the series

Asli Enver in the series Sun of Winter

Winter Sun in Turkish: Kış Güneşi is a Turkish series directed by Murat Onbol, starring Shukri Ozilides – Asli Enver – Sinai Gurler – Basak Barlak – Maher Güneşi and other artists.

The series talks about the story of a young man who lost his father as a child due to a car accident and an unknown person takes him to his home and with the passage of time he forgets everything that passed his life as a child and lives with this man in his family and with time loves the daughter of the man who raised him, and she is a poor and kind-hearted girl .

Despite all the difficult circumstances that this young man lived in, he studies and becomes a professional criminal investigator and researcher.

One day, he investigates a person’s suicide case and accidentally discovers information about the person who committed suicide and his father’s accident and that there is a great relationship between this person and what happened to his father in the past, and discovered that his father was a victim of a dirty conspiracy and lost his life because of it.

Films by the artist Asli Enver
Films by the artist Asli Enver
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