Who is Aras Bulut İynemli? Religion Girlfriend

ID card Aras Bulut İynemli

Date of birth of Aras Bulut İynemli: August 25, 1990
Age of Aras Bulut İynemli in 2018: 28 years old.
Place of birth: He was born in Istanbul, Turkey.
Nationality: Turkish.
Height: 183 cm.
Weight: 75 kg.
Hair color: Light brown.
Eye color: Hazel.
What is the religion of Aras Bulut İynemli: He is a Muslim.
Astrological sign: It is the sign of the Virgo.
Academic / Academic Qualification: Istanbul Technical University.
Wife or Girlfriend of Aras Bulut İynemli: Unmarried.

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When did his artistic career begin: He started his artistic career in 2009.
What is his favorite sport: He loves football a lot, and he is a huge fan, and he is also a swimmer and loves scuba diving.
What is his talent: He loves acting from a young age. He participated in many school plays. Because of his family’s work in art, his entry into this world was easy.

Works of Aras Bulut İynemli Series films and plays

2017-2021 Çukur (TV Series)
2019 Miracle in cell No. 7
2019 Toygar Isikli feat. Çukurspor: Nere Gitsen Çukur Orda (Video short)
2019 Çarpisma (TV Series)
2017 Martilarin Efendisi
2016-2017 Içerde (TV Series)
2015 Maral: En güzel Hikayem (TV Series)
2014 Pek Yakinda
2013-2014 Muhtesem Yüzyil (TV Series)
2013 Tamam miyiz?
2010-2013 Öyle Bir Geçer Zaman ki (TV Series)
2013 Mahmut ile Meryem

Secrets and life story of Aras Bulut İynemli and biography

The story of the artist’s childhood and upbringing. He is a famous young artist. with simple steps becoming a well-known actor. Many of his followers are looking for him and all his information. He was born in Istanbul on August 25. 1990 AD. he is from an artistic family and his brothers work in art. His older brother works as a theater actor.

Orçun İynemli works His older sister is a sound engineer and TV host Yeşim İynemli, and he also has a lot of theater artists. So there are artistic genes in his family. Including the actor Mirai Danner (cousin). Genghis Danner (his uncle).

Ilhan Danner (grandfather’s brother). Children who love football madly. He even has a team that encourages him and attends all his matches (Beşiktaş). Loves his family a lot and spends a lot of time with them always, and he loves to always share his followers with his pictures with his nephews and his family on social networking sites.

The story of the artists childhood

Studying and teaching Aras Bulut İynemli

He studied at Besiktas Anatolia High School. And began his first stage with acting. Where he participated in all the activities available to him in the school. Despite his great love for acting. But he studied aircraft engineering at Istanbul Technical University.

Which he is still studying there until now. He did not think to move away from the university yet. He entered acting. But he loves to study it. Just as he started studying acting after he entered art. He sees that talent alone is not enough. It must be linked to study and continuous training.

He presented many exciting and western roles. Such as the role of a disabled person in (Tamam Miyaz) and the role of (Prince Bayazid) in the series Harem Al Sultan. He participated in the championship of the series (Maral) and was one of the most important series for him in 2015, and he got a large viewership at that time. Her episodes received more than 10 million views in just 6 months on YouTube.

Aras Bulut İynemli’s artistic beginning Acting or singing

His artistic start was a big adventure for him. When he was in an acting test (for shooting) and he proved his talent for acting and his suitability for the role. Director Zainab Gunay Tan agreed to give him a chance to appear in one of her works.

Although he does not like to talk about his beautiful appearance and his handsomeness. But it was a real reason for He got big roles. But he always refuses to describe him as handsome. As he does his job in the best way and gives him all his energy in order to succeed and appear well.

His first TV series was “Oyle Bir Gecer Zaman ki” directed by Muhammad Ada Oztekin. After his success in this series. He released his first film. “Mahmoud Ali Maryam” by director Muhammad Ada Oztekin in 2013. As a first leading role in a TV series called “Maral” in 2015 with Hazal Kaya. This drama gained international success and won awards as well.

He participated in the series Backstreets but stopped due to his university studies. He got ÖSS and he (SAT exam in Turkey) became one of the first 100 students.

Aras Bulut Iynemlis artistic beginning Acting

Yamaç Koçovali in the series Çukur

Çukur series is considered one of the most important works in which he participated in its starring. The work revolves around a dangerous area called (Çukur). Which lives under the leadership of a large family named Kojovali.

This family is considered to be the protection of the region and has many works and is considered one of the richest families that control many matters. Despite its wealth. It is sympathetic to the poor and protects the weak. When the Kocovali family begins to lose control of Çukur.

And they killed the eldest of the family. Yamaç Koçovali returned to them as he could not escape from his family and his destiny to protect his family. After he decided to travel to Paris with his sweetheart to live together happily.

he returned again to the pit. Erkan Kisal. Brahan Savas. Onur Erkan Kubilai Akka Nabil Sain. After the success of the series. And winning the second place among the series this year. The end of the first season was frightening. As most of the heroes of the series died. And they began filming the second season of it and joining a group of New actors.


He has many secrets in his life. Including that he does not like superficial. Indignant and hypocritical people. They are the most disgusting people in his life. He loves singing because he has a voice and a charismatic tone that enchants everyone who hears it. He played multiple roles in commercials before his fame in 2010. The awards include: Best Supporting Actor in a Drama Series from the Antalya TV Awards. And Best Supporting Actor from the TelevizyonDizisi.com Awards for his role in the “Over the Time” series in 2011.

In 2017, news circulated about his arrest by the drug police. When he was in the Chashma district in Istanbul. This news spread very quickly. But he disappeared from view and did not comment on this news. And after a while he broke his silence and denied all these events. And he was  arrested Never, and he’s on a summer vacation with his family.

As for Aras Bolot’s sweetheart. The Turkish actress Beja Aznal. His opinion has always been that the beauty of a woman is in her soul and not in her beauty. The girl who is distinguished by a beautiful spirit is the most beautiful woman in the world.

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