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We collected for you the information you want to know about the actor Aras Aydin, a full report on his personal life, his age, marital status, religion, nationality, the most important works he presented, when he started his artistic career and his social networking sites, and a collection of new and exclusive photos of him.

personal details

Arabic name: Aras Aydin
Name in Turkish: Aras Aydın
Date of Birth: July 2, 1989 AD
Residence: Turkey – Eskişehir
Age: 30 years old
Weight: 74 kg
Height: 184 cm
Religion Muslim
Nationality: Turkish
Astrological sign: Cancer
Academic Qualification: College of Fine Arts
Marital status: unmarried

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A full report on the star Aras Aydin

Aras Aydin is the hero of the series Sanaa Innocent, a young Turkish actor, born in Eskişehir, Turkey. He was born in Cancer. He is 184 cm tall and weighs 74 kg. He is a handsome, smart, funny and moody actor. He has a sharp temper, loves radiant colors such as white and silver. He also loves to travel a lot and loves reading novels and stories. And literature. The things he loves a lot is relaxation, swimming, and helping his parents. The things he hates are curious people and criticism. He does not like to talk about his personal life except with his family and close friends. He is considered one of the attractive Turkish artists. He graduated from Istanbul University. He has a special tone of voice, eye look, smile and charisma of his own. Art is easy and his first appearance on television was in 2012 AD, then the television business rolled, in which he quickly got the starring role,

About his personal life, he is in a love affair

As for his personal life, when he was asked about it in one of the meetings, he said that he did not like to talk much about it, but so far he has not found his girlfriend. He says that the love relationship is very sublime, so it is necessary to choose a ban.

The beginning of her artistic career

His artistic career began in 2010, where he played a role in the series (The Teacher Kamal). It was a small role. He got a major role in the series (Cherry Season) in 2014-2015. He gained fame quickly because of his great talent and strong presence. In a short time, he was able to build a base A huge audience, about his new artistic projects, as he got a major role in the series “We are not innocent” in 2018, the first episodes of which were released and are shown on the Turkish Fox channel.

Amir is the hero of the series Sanaa Innocent

We are not innocent is an exciting romantic police drama series, it talks about a group of close friends to each other (Amir, Volkan and Mert Umut) since they were in high school and their relationship continued even after their graduation. Amir works as a lawyer and his friend Umut who works as a businessman and his friend The other works as a doctor, that is, each of them has his own independent profession, but fate brings them together in one of them’s engagement party and they gather to be celebrated far from the place of joy,

while they celebrate the workshop of Umut and they drank alcohol, they got in their car to return to the engagement party and while driving he was driving In front of them was a large truck with a crazy driver and annoyed them a lot until the truck stopped and a quarrel took place with the owner of this truck, who is the father of a girl named (Celine), the artist Damla and they beat some of them until it led to the accidental death of the truck driver. They did not know that this incident would change the course of their lives and make them kill him and criminals. They kept the body and buried it in the tombs, and each of them returned to his home shivering from what happened, the events of the series are fast, exciting and interesting in a tragic accident that happened at night by mistake that will change their lives and make it a nightmare.

The series started its first episodes from the first part on March 31, 2018, AD. It is shown on the ATV channel. The series caught the attention of fans and critics and could top the list of series. It is an interesting series, a successful script and a strong team. The series is produced by Kuleba Film-Ata Turkoğlu, written by Bekir Baran Setiki, Pelin Karamemetoglu and Ilek Yeseli, directed by Serkan Ebekorn, Ora Kilcaroglu, Damla Sonoms, Aras Aydin, Oshan Çakir, Serkan Badur and Oya Onutasi, it is clear that it will be one of the most important, most productive and ambitious series of 2018, the number of episodes or parts of the series has not been determined yet.

The viewership of the series reached 1.43, and it has not reached the forefront so far, despite the release of the sixth episode, despite its success in drawing the viewer’s attention, and despite the artists participating in the series.

Aras Aydin in the series Cherry Season

The story revolves around Oiko (Futun), a girl who lives with her mother and brother in a humble slum and is enamored of her childhood friend Matta (Majd), but he does not care about her. One day, when the taxi was stopping, she met Ayaz (Ayad), the handsome young man, son of Mrs. Onam (Ranim), the owner of the fashion house, for whom Fotun had always dreamed of working as a fashion designer.

And fates wanted Ayaz to fall in love with Oyko, and they live together in funny situations, which are close to the imagination with a group of their friends, Matta (Majd), who loves Shaima (Rima), and she gets pregnant and miscarries her, accusing Majd that he pushed her from the stairs, so Matta hates her and begins to love Oiko, which leads to quarrels. On the other hand, we find the merry couple Borgo (Batoul), the sister of Matta and her lover, Amir, who comes from the lower class and lives with his grandmother. Sybil (Serene) and her husband, Ilker (Marwan), who always chase after women. The second part ends with the marriage of Oyko and Ayaz.

Series Aras Aydin

I love all odds’ series 2015-2016
Please let’s separate series 2016
The series remains preserved in 2014.
Cherry season series 2014 to 2015 AD
The Teachers’ series in 2010 AD in the role of (Kamal),
The Mercy Hill series from 2012 to 2014 AD.

Facebook Aras Aydin
Facebook Aras Aydin
report on the star Aras Aydin
report on the star Aras Aydin
Amir is the hero of the series Sanaa Innocent
Amir is the hero of the series Sanaa Innocent
Aras Aydin Information about religion his age and his girlfriend 1
Aras Aydin Information about religion his age and his girlfriend 1
Age 30 years old
Age 30 years old
Aras Aydin girlfriend
Aras Aydin girlfriend
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