Who is Anil Ilter? wife, religion, series and more

1. What is the religion of Anil Ilter?

Probably the Anil Ilter Muslim religion.

2. Who is Anil Ilter’s wife?

Anil Ilter is married

3. What is the age of Anil Ilter?

Age Anil Ilterin 2021 :40.

4. What is the length of Anil Ilter?

Length 180 cm.

5. What is the date of birth of Anil Ilter?

Date of start: April 3. 1981.

  1. Astrological sign: Aries.
  2. Region of start: Huarmet – Kocaeli – Turkey
  3. His Marriage Date: 2009.
  4. Number of boys: a lady named Neil.
  5. Nationality: Turkish.
  6. Preferred recreation: football.
  7. The beginning of his acting profession: 2010.
  8. First appearance: 2007.
  9. Educational : Graduated from the Kocaeli university sports activities Academy

Anil Ilter

Anil Ilter is a Turkish actor. born in Hurmet. Turkey. on the 1/3 day of April in 1981. Anil changed into born in Aries and at the age of 39. he holds Turkish citizenship and embraces the Islamic religion.

due to the fact that he changed into younger and he cherished acting. however he also appreciated football And after he finished his excessive faculty studies. he entered the Koca Academy on the university of sports activities.

he performed professional soccer inside the professional season. but after his graduation from the university he determined that he favored performing extra than playing soccer and therefore he entered the sphere of art and appearing and that was thru submit for a few commercials.

his life story

He started to expand his appearing expertise and took many lessons and guides till he have become a professional actor. artist Anil Ilter began his inventive career in 2007.

it become his first look. however the beginning of his main repute was in 2010 while the wide variety of his fanatics and followers commenced to growth. while speakme approximately his lifestyles The person.

we discover that he’s married to Ipek Elter and their marriage became announced in 2009. and he also has a daughter named Neil Elter. Anil participated in many superb collection and television works that we can display you within the following paragraphs.

Şahane Damat

The artist Anil Ilter participated inside the collection ahane Damat and seemed within the role of Ingis. And this was a romantic comedy paintings in 2016. The occasions of the series Şahane Damat revolve round a woman named Malika who’s from a circle of relatives dwelling in Germany.

Malika comes to a decision to misinform her family a few small lies. which She tries to convince them that she will live in Istanbul on her own. Malika tells them that she works as a well-known and a hit journalist in Turkey. and he or she is engaged to a famous beauty physician who’s of a very excessive magnificence and wealthy and that soon they may get married and move to live in a large and upscale residence.

however the fact is that Malika is a nervous female She additionally calls Istanbul a wild wooded area. and he or she works as a creator of horoscopes in a small mag. as for her engagement she is engaged to her director in the magazine. sooner or later Malika receives a totally important news and this information may be posted in Turkey and it’ll contact the beauty physician who thinks her family he’s her future husband. and occasions comply with in a context of suspense and drama.

the series Öyle Bir Geçer Zaman ki

The artist Anil Ilter participated within the series Öyle Bir Geçer Zaman ki. he regarded in the role of Sadat and this work become from 2010 to 2012. the collection revolves around Othman. the spoiled infant who tells his story and the tale of his circle of relatives.

The occasions of the series are about a family which includes a father at the same time as he works A captain. a mother who’s a housewife and four brothers and the daddy’s mom. The daddy who is referred to as Ali travels to many countries due to his paintings. however on one of his travels. which became heading to the us. he meets a stunning girl known as Caroline and marries her. and when the circle of relatives learns approximately this. he gets very angry.

About Anil Ilter series

He participated in quite a few terrific works and his debut turned into in 2007. however, the starting of his fundamental reputation changed into in 2010.
Participated in the collection Layl Nhar and regarded inside the role of Saradar. And these paintings became in 2008.
He participated in the collection Öyle Bir Geçer Zaman ki and appeared in the function of Sadat. and this paintings become from 2010 until 2012.
Participated inside the collection Şahane Damat and seemed inside the position of Ingis. and this work become in 2016.

He participated within the collection “Heroes of Khaledoun” and this work was from 2008 till 2010.
participated inside the collection Wind of Poplar. and this work become in 2010.
He participated in the collection A Handful of the Seas. and this paintings became in 2010.
participated in the collection red Apple and seemed inside the role of Sinan. and this work was in 2014.
He participated in the series three friends and this work changed into in 2014.

Participated in the series Black Bread and this paintings turned into in 2015.
Inside the series Bride of Istanbul.
Participated within the series status of courting Married. and these paintings became in 2016.
He participated in the collection “Knock Your Door”. and this work become in 2020.

Television programs of the artist Anil Ilter

brought Capsize
the Bread smash application
brought FotoModo
additional time
He delivered the solution Sende program.

Probably the Anil Ilter Muslim religion
Probably the Anil Ilter Muslim religion
the series Oyle Bir Gecer Zaman ki
the series Oyle Bir Gecer Zaman ki
Anil Ilter is married
Anil Ilter is married
Length 180 cm
Length 180 cm
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