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The Turkish star alperen duymaz. When was he born, how old he is now, and when his artistic career began. For all fans of the star alperen duymaz, this is a detailed report on all the details and information related to him about his religion, his nationality, his astrological sign and his communication sites. The secrets of his personal life, his artistic career, his upcoming projects, his academic qualifications, special details of his life, and a set of personal photos of him.

alperen duymaz religion,  nationality, his age, his studies

Our star is the Turkish artist and the rising young man alperen duymaz, the hero of the series The Pit is a cinematic and television actor whose full name is alperen duymaz and in the Turkish language alperen duymaz, he was born in the city of Ankara, the capital of Turkey, he was born on November 3, 1992, when he is 27 years old. He holds Turkish citizenship and his religion is Islam. Alberan belongs to Scorpios.

Our star has his handsome, graceful body and attractive beauty, his eyes are brown, his hair is black, and he is 183 cm in length and 74 kg in weight. He studied and graduated from the Government Higher Institute in Ankara at Hacettepe University Department of Theater.

Professional career began in 2015

His hobbies include boxing, playing basketball, playing the guitar and the piano, raising dogs and cats, and listening to rock music. His favorite color is gray and he loves spicy food. As for his marital status, he is said to be single.

Social networking sites of the artist Albiran Doymaz

Instagram account: https \\ www.instagram.com \ alperen duymaz = tr
Twitter account: https://twitter.com/duymazalpere.lang = en
account on Facebook: facebook.com \ alperen duymaz

alperen duymaz his biography and more information

Piran Doymaz is famous for his handsome and cool style. That is why he is inundated with fashion shows and advertisements. Piran Doymaz is a fan of boxing. He wins a slim, athletic and toned body. He is 183 tall. Piran Dwemaz is thick and soft black hair. Brown eyes and white skin.

The actor Piran Doymaz, was born on the third day of November 1992 in the city of Ankara, the capital of Turkey. He is a child loved and loved by teachers. He loves to play music and learn to play the guitar and piano. After completing his middle school studies, Beran joined the School of Dramatic Arts. Hastep University, Ankara.

He also studied the acting department at Hajitaba University. He began to advertise models and models. Because of his attractiveness, he attracted the arrival of offers from companies. Because of his handsome. behavior and talent. He became famous in the fashion industry.

Albiran Doymaz did not perform in the first place. He did not think about his professionalism. But his interest in music and theater was all due to his service by his brother who was a music teacher at the time. but then he took acting lessons and moved to Istanbul to start his artistic career.

alperen duymaz and his acting career

Is known in Ankara as a world-famous prominent model, he is an elegant and elegant model. Piran traveled to Istanbul and performed in 2015 he took his first audition. He successfully participated in the audition and was selected to participate in the famous Turkish series Sweet Little Liars.

It revolves around five close girls who have been with each other for a long time. One of the girls wanted a joke to intimidate her friends. But she disappeared that night. So the rest of the girls started looking for her.

He then continued his artistic career and later played roles in “Bitter Love” and “Bodrum Tale” and in 2018. He made his first film and played the role of Kotai in “Karate Resistance” in the same year. Not only that, but he appeared repeatedly in the TV series. The Pit and introduced the character Emre.

In 2016,

he started taking on roles with strong names like Timuçin Esen, evval Sam, Murat Aygen, Hilmi Cem İntepe, Dilan Çiçek Deniz. and Toprak Sağlam in the Bodrum Masalı TV series that began airing on Kanal D. after Alperen Duymaz gave life to the role. Ateş in Bodrum Masalı. Has succeeded in becoming the desired face of screens.

In 2018 and 2019, he starred in the series Collision and presented the character of Karam Korkmaz, who starred in a distinguished group of Turkish stars, namely Kivanc Tatlitug, Elchin Sanjo, Melissa Pamuk, Arkan Kan, Hakan Kurtaj, Ismail Demirci, Merv Jagiran, Evikan Senolson and Forkan Kalabalik. Four cars. After that, their fate changed a lot and the lives of the four changed after the accident.

Albiran Doymaz in the series Zamharir

Zamharaer is a Turkish drama series that has achieved great success. Many people are keen to find him to follow his series and watch it live. According to reports from the Turkish branch. So far, a season has been shown 10 episodes per season. 130 minutes per episode.

Zamharir’s story revolves around two former college fans, Albiran Dwemaz and Firouzeh (Asha Ishin Turan). But they split up and Fayrouz’s father was responsible for controlling a single elevator from the same company I used to work for due to an elevator failure. An accident will happen at the construction site. A group of workers dies. Firouze’s father will be wrongfully blamed and imprisoned.

In fact, the defect in the elevator is the assassination of another person. Few people know that. Fairouza will change her identity and start working in the company and try to prove her father’s innocence regarding Ayaz. He is considered the favorite employee of the company’s manager “Ertan.” At the same time he is also related to “Perak”, the director’s sister. Other incidents occurred two years after the accidental encounter.

Zamharir series, directed by Hilal Saral and starring Albert Dwemaz Acha Aishin Turan Janeir Gendoruk Hazal Velez Kuchucuzi.

Sweetheart of Albiran Doymaz

Albiran Doymaz said that love is of great importance in a person’s life and believes that love is a catalyst for success. This young Turkish artist and beautiful Turkish artist Borgo Özbek appeared in many places together.

And they appeared together in many public places. Some friends and close people indicated that the relationship between the two stars began when they filmed the movie Karatay direnis, but the two stars did not make any statements about this.

Facts you did not know about Albiran Doymaz

Alperen Duymaz started his acting career with TV series Tatlı Küçük Yalancılar.
Albiran started his career with Acı Aşk and Bodrum Masalı.
He was very interested in music and modeling during his high school years.
Alperen Duymaz played the role of Karatay in the 2018 movie Resistance Karatay.

Distinguished from his peers, Albert Demaz emerged as one of the most famous actors of the time.
She had a short association with Burcu Özberk. In the year “Çukur”.
Alperen Duymaz is especially famous for his Bodrum Masalı TV series.

The works of the artist Albiran Dwemaz

1-The series “Little Sweet Lads,” 2015, with the role of bridges.
2- The series Al-Ashq Al-Murr in 2015 with the role of Ali.
3- The Bodrum story series in 2016 as Atish.
4- The series The Pit in 2017 as Emara.
5 – The collision series in 2018 with the role of Karam.
6- Direnis karaty in 2018 with the role of Kotai.
7-The series Zamrair, year 2020, as Iyaz.