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Turkish actress Aleyna Solaker on her personal life. Sexuality, age, upbringing, religion. Her artistic career, the most important works she presented. other details, and a group of new and exclusive photos of her.

First name: Aleyna.
Nickname: Solaker.
Date of birth: 22-December 1994
Age: 26 years.
Place of birth: Istanbul – Turkey
Country: Turkey.
Astrological Sign: Capricorn.
Profession: Television actress.
Marital Status: Unrelated.
Hair color: dark brown.
Eye color: green.
Religion: Unkno.wn


The Turkish TV actress was born in Istanbul on December 22, 1994. It is noteworthy that the nineties were the period of the rise of the Internet. And social networks. Which made her open and able to socialize with others in an easy and simple way. She had a spirit of cooperation and participation. Which is one of the most important. Richest and most famous. Successful Turkish actresses As for the family details. There is not much information on this subject, and she does not like to mention.

The details of her family and personal life.

Alina Soliker is best known as a TV actress. who reached fame in 2015 for portraying Meral in the Kırgın Çiçekler TV series.

Aleyna hasn’t shared many details about the parents at this time. Our team is currently working, and we will update information on family, siblings, spouse and children.

The artist Alina is used to celebrating her birthday every year, especially Thursday. Because it is her birthday. And she will celebrate her next twenty-sixth birthday. Everyone who was born with her will celebrate the same day, which is December 22, 1994.

Ini Kamoze’s “Here Comes The Hotstepper” (“Ready To Wear”). Will be the number 1 track on the Billboard 100.

And in the current period. The artist, Elena, is thinking about her upcoming artistic projects. And choosing her because she is characterized by her intense love for her work and mastery of it. seeks to achieve more success and fame. And she loves to follow her audience on social networking sites and has more than 600,000 fans on Instagram.

The details of her family and personal life
The details of her family and personal life

Things you first know about Aleyna Solaker

The net worth of the TV actress, Elena, is estimated to be approximately $27 million in 2019-2020.

It is noteworthy that “Alina” began her life as a model before heading to acting. As well as singing, before adding to that fashion design and accessories as well.

Her acting career Aleyna Solaker

The Turkish artist Aleyna Solaker is distinguished as an artist with gentle feelings. sensitive and when she was young. She dreamed of being a famous artist, and she felt that she had talent and energy that she wanted to graduate. So she pursued her dream in the world of art until she was able to achieve this through her determination. Ambition With the passage of time, she really became a famous and important artist and one of the most prominent stars of Turkey.

Among the most famous Turkish series that I participated in and met with great success is the series Kirgin Çiçekler. The series starring each of Silk Karabinar, Ozkur Cevik,. Biran Damla Yilmaz, Gökçe Akildiz, Hazar Mutan. Kajla Ermak and Aleyna Solaker, and directed by Serkan Birinci and the series written by Jules Abu Smersi Eroğlu .

The story of the Kirgin Çiçekler Kirgin Çiçekler series is one of the famous Turkish series in the Arab world. Which was highly appreciated by the Arab public and the audience in Turkey at the same time. As this series includes three seasons, the first season began airing on June 29, 2015. And the second was released on Summer 2016, and the third season, ended in 2018.

Although the series contained three seasons. The audience that watched it was not bored at all. This is because each season presents an interesting story that differs in nature from each season. The heroes remain the same in all seasons without any substitution. Which distinguished this series from other dramas with multiple parts. In what comes an explanation of the story of the Kirgin Çiçekler series.

The story of the Kirgin Çiçekler series

The events of the Kirgin Çiçekler series revolve around five 16-year-old orphan girls who live together in the same room. In an orphanage called Kocho Yolo in Istanbul. This orphanage is located in the middle of the rich neighborhood. The girls love each other greatly, and they always help each other with a lot of Things. And this is what distinguished their relationship from other friendship.

They move to one private school after a problem occurred between them and wealthy youths. In which rich young men accused girls of harassing them. But then it is proven otherwise. So one of the young men’s mothers is forced to enter the girls into the private school to cover and protect the children’s perpetrators and promise to defame them. And preserve the family’s reputation.

The story of each of these girls was different from the other. Starting from their arrival in the orphanage until that incident occurred. And each of them had many ambitions and goals that they wanted to achieve. Despite the difficult circumstances they suffered from. It is worth noting that the orphanage had a manager who was A little tough on them and always stingy, but the manager’s assistant, Mrs. Farida, is always compassionate to them and provides them with assistance at all times.

The Role of Aleyna Solaker in Mourning Blossoms

Aleyna Solaker Aleyna Solaker played the role of Miral. At the age of 16, Miral is characterized by being naive and superficial. She cares not only about her looks. She is different from girls because she dreams of being rich. Later she found her mother who worked as a hostess in a nightclub that belonged to a man named Abbas.

Her mother files a case against Abbas, sends him to prison, and is killed by Abbas’s brother. While witnessing the death of Aba’s brother. she is shot after being shot, remains in a coma for a while and returns to life.
And he won the best series award at the awards’ ceremony organized by Istanbul Glycem University. There are nominations for awards in Korea and France.

Personal life of artist Aleyna Solaker

The superstar Aleyna Solaker prefers to keep her personal and private life, as she does not like to mention the details of her relationship. Marital status, association or divorce.

The artist has seen us in more than one public place with a former friend.  this situation is described in Turkey as dating and dating is a stage in a person’s life when he actively seeks to establish romantic relationships with different people.

If two unmarried celebrities are seen in public together, they are often described as “dating,”. Which means they were seen in public together, and it is unclear if they were just friends. Exploring a more intimate relationship. Or romantically involved. Alina is currently single, not dating anyone, and she is unmarried and has no children.

Series, movies

2006 Iste benim (TV Mini-Series) (2006)
2010 Dersimiz: Atatürk
2013 Altindagli (TV Series)
2014 Beyaz Karanfil (TV Series)
2015-2018 Kirgin Çiçekler (TV Series)
2018 Asktroloji (TV Movie)
2020 Hizmetçiler (TV Series)
2020 Ahmet Iki Gözüm.

Aleyna Solaker
Aleyna Solaker
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