Achieve plump rosy moisturized lips that are naturally attractive

Plump lips have become one of the most important features of attractiveness and beauty of this era. Therefore. many women seek to have pink. moist and full lips in order to look more attractive and shine and to resemble many Bollywood stars that appear very attractive and brilliant in front of everyone. so in this article there is Natural recipes provided by the beauty expert Shaima El-Kady.

Recipes for fullness of lips

You can use the oil recipe. which is mixing clove oil with avocado oil to get a mixture of the two and put them on the lips and leave them for 10 minutes, and you may feel some tingling for a short time. Do not worry.

It is clove oil and then rinse your lips, and you will notice the difference and But do not use clove oil too much because it causes cracks in the skin in the long term. And you can use this mixture 3 times a week to get the results you want.

honey and 10 grains of cranberries
honey and 10 grains of cranberries

The yogurt mixture is a baking powder with a small spoon of yeast and a spoonful of starch and mix them with yogurt So that the ingredients interact together and then put in the refrigerator. This mixture can be used 3 times a week, and you will notice the difference.

You can also use the vanilla mixture by dissolving a teaspoon of vanilla with a teaspoon of coconut oil and beeswax and add to it a capsule of vitamin E and put it on Fire in a pot until it boils and stir it well. then leave it until it cools.

Then put it in the refrigerator and use this mixture on your lips and you will notice the dazzling result that you want. you can also use the berry mixture to get rosy lips And full and that mixture consists of a spoonful of almond oil. Vaseline.

honey and 10 grains of cranberries. cut the berries into small pieces. then mix all the ingredients together and put them on the fire for a while. then leave the mixture to cool down and put it in the refrigerator and use it to moisturize your lips and increase Its size is an effective moisturizer for lips and has an effective effect on plumping the lips.

How to moisturize lips

The problem of chapped lips is one of the problems that plague every woman’s dream and lose confidence in her appearance. Especially when the lipstick shines as it does not give the desired appearance if the lips are cracked and dry.

The problem of chapped lips is due to your lips not getting adequate hydration and taking care of them in addition to The effect of smoking factor and exposing your lips to contrasting temperatures. From cold to warm.

Also, the lack of one of the vitamins is one of the most important factors that cause chapped lips and dryness. So you must take care of your lips. Whether it is replacing the vitamins necessary for the body or through natural recipes that will help you moisturize your lips.

Ways to get wet lips

First, you should take care of exfoliating your lips twice a week at least. Using the natural ingredients in your home. Which are brown sugar. olive oil or honey.

Make a mixture of sugar with olive oil or honey and put this mixture on your apartment and massage it with circular motions, and You will find your lips have become soft and pink. and after that. apply a balm for your type of lips.

Which helps moisturize them. To get a smooth, moist and not dry skin. My lady should not apply too much lipstick that lasts for a long time because it makes your lips dry and have to use lipstick that has a higher gloss ratio because it helps moisturize your lips.

you can also put a lip color better than lipstick because it is best for making lips moist and not cracked. the lip balm you use should not contain camphor as this substance It is included in many moisturizers of the skin.

It causes dryness and irritation of the skin most of the time. You should also drink water in a large proportion because it not only helps moisturize your lips in particular. But it also benefits the skin in general. As it is the basis for healthy skin.

To get full lips without surgery

There is no doubt that many women want to have attractive lips like the Arab stars and actresses they see in soap operas and films. except for these stars who resort to surgeries. and here we find two problems. The first is that most of these operations are of an exorbitant cost that many women cannot afford. The reason is The second is that these operations give a result that is not permanent. but is temporary. so Botox or fillers must be repeated every period to restore the plump skin you want to obtain in this article. We will help you with some natural recipes to get pink and full lips.

Ways to get wet lips
Ways to get wet lips

Ways to get plump lips

You can first use Vaseline or bee honey by rubbing the lips with your hands for a while. Then applying Vaseline or honey and massaging the lips circularly.

Either by your fingers or with a toothbrush. Then rinse the lips with warm water. And you will immediately notice the fullness of the volume of your lips and their appearance Pink and soft as peeling helps stimulate blood circulation and remove dead skin.

You can also use peppermint oil or cinnamon and mix with your lip balm and put them on the lips. You will feel a little tingling from applying the oil.

But it quickly disappears. So do not worry and prefer to use an oil Cinnamon in the winter and peppermint oil in the summer. As mint gives a feeling of freshness in the heat.

Can make a natural scrub also for your lips by using sugar and mixing it with the oils that were mentioned before mint and cinnamon. Then massage your lips and then strengthen Rinse your lips with warm water and use your own conditioner mixed with cinnamon or mint oil.

You will notice your lips turning pink and becoming more full than usual. Can also eat food that contains hot pepper before any occasion to get plump lips. Pepper stimulates blood circulation and has a great effect on the appearance of full and pink lips.

The beauty of plump lips and their importance for women

In the recent period. Many women and stars have tended to perform operations and injections to obtain full and attractive lips. But most of these operations do not give a lasting effect and gain for a certain period and sometimes give an opposite result and do not give the result that these women and stars have always dreamed of.

Women also turned to Botox and fillers. In order to get those attractive and plump lips. But they also give a temporary result, and you need to re-inject. Whether Botox, fillers or any other specialized product for plumping lips.

plump rosy moisturized
plump rosy moisturized

Lips full of cinnamon powder

The most important ingredient that is used in the ingredients used in lip plumping is in your kitchen, and it is cinnamon as it helps in blood flow and stimulates blood circulation and thus makes the lips appear attractive and full. You can make a natural scrub for your lips from cinnamon powder and all you need is honey and Cinnamon powder and a toothbrush:

Mix cinnamon with honey and put them on your lips and leave them for a minute. For example and you may feel a slight tingling sensation. So do not worry. Then after that rub your lips. Either with your hands or a toothbrush.

Wipe your lips with a tissue, and you will get pink and full lips. And Also to make a moisturizer for your lips. You can mix cinnamon powder with Vaseline or lip balm suitable for your type of lips.

It is preferable to use fine cinnamon powder completely in order to avoid the formation of clumps on your lips, and you will notice the result if you stick with that recipe. And to get a natural lip gloss that gives you full lips and Sparkling You have to bring a bottle of gloss for the lips that you use on your lips.

Add 10 drops of cinnamon oil to it and mix them well and use it in a normal and usual way. And you will find your lips have become full and attractive than usual if you persist in these recipes. But you must For my lady. To remember that proper nutrition is the basis for obtaining not only lips. But healthy and beautiful skin.

Get full and attractive lips

We do not all have distinct and full lips. We all seek to obtain such lips that make us confident in ourselves and give them the looks of stars and actors. Many women want to have such lips as Bollywood stars. And most women may resort to Botox and collagen.

But these operations It is very expensive and has proven dangerous.  most of these operations may not lead to the desired results. Which many people have always dreamed of. So we offer you here some recipes that may give you that attractive appearance.

Ways to get full lips without operations

Peeling lips: You should exfoliate your lips by using the scrub appropriate for your type of lips once a week or by using a toothbrush and using gentle circular motions because you must take into account that the lips are more sensitive than the rest of the skin.

You can also use a sugar and olive oil scrub and scrub the lips gently, and you will notice the difference. Enlarging the lips by means of make-up. Through a lip liner and drawing a line near the edge of the lips. You can also use a liner that matches the color of your lips so that the lipstick is not affected.

Using hot pepper. By mixing it with water and creating a paste and placing it on your lips because hot pepper helps fill the lips. but avoid touching your lips while applying the paste to your lips.

Lips full and pink

Lip exercises also help stimulate collagen production. So stretch your lips muscles in the form of a kiss and leave them for 10 seconds. For example. And that helps greatly in making the lips full.
You can use special enlargers for lips as they contain elements that make lips appear fuller.

If you follow all these tips. Will find the results you want. But you must persist in these recipes. You will not find the result you want from the first time. But with follow-up and persistence. You will become completely satisfied with your apartment.

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