5 recipes for lengthening smoothing and thickening hair

Any woman is looking to improve the appearance of hair and lengthen it. Because hair is a woman’s woman and increases her attractiveness and self-confidence. Therefore. Women are more interested in hair than men. They are always looking for the latest possible recipes that are used to lengthen and soften hair. Make him look healthy. Attractive and shiny.

Routine for long hair

The hair should be washed in a correct way and the appropriate shampoo should be used for the type of hair. For example. dry hair should use the shampoo specified for it in order to nourish it with the vitamins that the hair needs.

After that, The hair should not or should not be dried with a dryer. But it should be left to dry naturally. And that is better for hair.

As for the hair cover. The hair cover must be worn while going outside. To protect the hair from the sun, air and dust. Because these factors affect damage to the hair.

You must also cut the ends of the hair permanently every month. Because cutting the ends helps in improving the appearance of the hair and increase its growth.

How to take care of your hair while sleeping

As for when sleeping. The hair should be left loose without a cover. The hair should not be tied in a compressed way. And let it breathe all night.

And one of the most important steps in caring for hair is the integrated and beneficial nutrition for hair. As eating a balanced diet greatly helps the health. Nourishment and shine of hair. And if you are interested in dyes and hair straightening products. You should take care of hair in advance.

And if the hair is dry. You should use the conditioner and shampoo appropriate for the hair during the shower. In order to moisturize it. As well as the appropriate serum for your hair type. And also you must wash the shampoo and conditioner from the hair and scalp and raise it completely.

And if any woman follows these tips. She will find satisfactory results that make her hair regain its luster. Health and increase the length of hair. But you must adhere to a healthy and balanced diet for the entire body.

How to take care of your hair while sleeping
How to take care of your hair while sleeping

The hair is long and bushy

Long hair is every girl’s dream. Therefore. Attention must be paid to hair care and attention to the vitamins and proteins that the hair needs in order for it to become soft. Healthy and long.

This is because hair is the title of every girl, and it is the one that shows how attractive it is and if your hair is light and brittle Do not lose hope. For God created every disease and created a cure for it. Therefore.

You have to consider that your hair suffers from a health problem. you have to provide the appropriate treatment for it until it returns and becomes healthy again and that by keeping away from everything that harms it. Attention and care with it.

Tips for healthy and long hair

Chemical dyes that are harmful to the body should be avoided and replaced with natural dyes and henna that do not affect and harm the hair roots.

Hair should be washed with cold water and avoid washing it with hot water because it weakens it and makes it fall out. Cut hair continuously every once in a while to ensure healthy hair growth.

You should use creams and oils that moisturize the hair and increase its length.

And to increase the length of hair. You can use the garlic recipe by peeling a whole head of garlic and mashing it until it becomes like a paste. Then put a tablespoon of coconut.

Olives and castor oil and put them on the fire until it warms. Then put the mashed garlic on them and stir until it takes the same temperature The oils, and we stir well and leave them until they cool down.

Then put the mixture on the hair and rub the scalp with it and put the head cover for swimming and leave it for 8 hours. Preferably at night and repeat that for a period of 6 weeks, and you will notice the difference.

You can also use date kernel mixtures for hair by grinding 7 dates kernels and putting them with the oils available to you and mixing them well and put a hair mask a quarter of an hour before showering. Then rinse and repeat a lot. And you will notice the difference if you persevere in these recipes.

The importance of thick hair

Healthy and thick hair is one of the signs of a woman’s attractiveness and a secret of her beauty’s secrets. Therefore. Every girl is interested in making her hair soft. Attractive and smooth.

Because it is known that hair is the beginning of beauty for every girl and it is also necessary to take care of hair like any part of the body and It should not be neglected.

For example because you are veiled and no one can see it outside. But you must take care of it so that every girl becomes confident in her beauty and attractiveness. And for this reason. Recipes and natural methods of hair care and attention must be used.

How to get thick hair

There are a set of steps and methods that must be followed to get the perfect hair that you want

The hair should be combed gently and carefully. And combing must start from the bottom up and take care of the scalp. It is also recommended massaging it twice daily at least to stimulate the scalp and get rid of dandruff.

 Using a hairbrush with healthy and spaced teeth

Simple and easy hairstyles should be chosen and the hair should not be pulled for fear. It is also recommended making a braid for the hair and leave it until the hair is completely dry. Then untangle it and style it.

Keep the ends of the hair trimmed periodically and regularly because of its importance in increasing the length of the hair and showing its health.

You should also eat healthy food because of its great importance in affecting the health. Appearance and nutrition of hair.

There are also some recipes that can be used to take care of hair

You can use the watercress and olive oil recipe by grinding the watercress well. Adding it to olive oil and mixing them well. Then putting them on the hair. Where it nourishes the hair well.

You can also use the carrot recipe by boiling the carrots well and making sure that they are completely ripened. Then mashing them. Putting honey and a spoonful of yeast. This recipe is drunk daily. Because it helps to increase the length of hair.

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