Ferdinand Porsche: the story of one of the most popular car brands

Ferdinand Porsche: the story of one of the most popular car brands
Ferdinand Porsche - the creator and father of acclaimed automotive brands. More than a century ago, the band released the first hybrid car, which gave a good start to the development of the company Porshe. Passion for sports cars with elegant design and high capacity made it possible to use the technology of Ferdinand and get good fees from year to year. The history of the car survived the disaster and crises, the First and Second World War, at the wheel of the car sat the elite, the rich from simple and ending with the tip of a government around the world. The car that changed the course of history of the automobile industry, deserves special attention.

Hispano-Suiza H6
It all started in 1919 when Ferdinand Porsche gave the first drawing model Hispano-Suiza H6.

The first supercar, collected nearly a century ago, soon attracted attention with its elegance and speed. The elite that could afford this model was considered fortunate, while admiring the views of the people met in the streets. After all, on the right car, began the history of the famous brand, was made of pure aluminum, paint glistening in the sun, you could see his own reflection in the metal insert. And it's a hundred years ago! The buzz around the car gave the opportunity to develop this model for 20 years, and the market issued more than 2,000 copies. Now the price of vintage cars is more than 1.5 million dollars.

Porshe 64
In 1939 he published a model with the assigned brand Porshe 64. The racing car that Ferdinand sought to expose the world-famous race "Berlin-Rome" to obtain fame, was not accepted in the list of participants, but for the creator of this was the start of his career. The car noticed, and a few months later was made two more copies Porshe 64. The streamlined shape is more like an alien creature, rather than intended for street-road vehicle, and its speed reaches 160 km / h.

Porshe 356
Ten years later, after the crisis of the military situation in the sale appears the new brand Porshe 356. two-door model with a beautiful iridescent metallic, convertible top and a powerful engine immediately attracted the female half of Austria. More than ten years have upgraded sports car, and the company began to grow. This car company Porshe was officially recognized as an expensive and elite group. The model had a four-cylinder engine that has been equipped with an independent cooling system.

It is no secret that in the development of the car were used drawings automotive group Volkswagen, and despite this, the Porsche 356 model was unique. Over 10 years of Porsche have released more than 70 thousand cars. Now the price per copy is $ 500 million.

Porsche 911
Legendary model, released in 1963, is found on the road this time. Porsche 911 - is an event created by the hands of his son Ferdinand after his death. The design was taken from the drawings of the German automotive industry Volkswagen, combining the familiar look of the old models, but much more powerful than all the previous ones. Initially it calculated that Porsche 911 hold on the market for over 10 years, but the build quality of the car to extend the life of half a century. At the beginning of the XXI century, Forbes magazine voted the 911 as the car that changed the history of modern engineering.

Porsche Cayenne
After the produced furore famous brand showrooms began to receive other models: Porsche Cayenne and Porsche Panamera. "Cayenne" was the final model of the sports car released in the drafting of which also involved German Volkswagen. Improved versions of the vehicle produced annually since 2002. Engineers have focused on an easy handling, high speed and robust design. Initially, the car features were, as in previous versions, more streamlined, but after 6 years produced the latest model Porsche Cayenne 957 with aggressive traits. Next Model 958 has become a novelty, because among all of the outstanding models of Porsche sports cars made only, but in 2010 the market goes SUV, which led to the delight of fans. On the first day all the copies of this model were sold, and a week later began to receive dozens of orders to sell 958 models.

Porsche eRUF Stormster
The success, which lasted for a century, has allowed to release the new model, which is sold in limited instances: Porsche eRUF Stormster - electric SUV. "Electro-Cayenne" is equipped with a lithium-iron battery, capable of charging from an ordinary power supply and hold to move more than 200 km.

Repeatedly Forbes acknowledged Porsche the best car of the year, which is able to change the world. World carmaker takes part in the development of Volkswagen and remains the best-selling brand in the world. Technology, which made all Porsche models, ready to serve for decades, and its shape and power can rightly be considered a genius invention.скачать dle 10.6фильмы бесплатно

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