ISIS “recruits” child killers

ISIS “recruits” child killers
The UK government is concerned about 50 children and teenagers involved into the “caliphate” indoctrination

A new approach to the Islamic State’s army: youngsters are being influenced by extremism-based religious doctrines from a very young age in order to be engaged into future group activities. Children are believed to be pure and superior, thus they are being educated for the jihad, says Quiliam, a London counter-extremism thinktank. UN, with the help of many responsible sources within the caliphate group itself, has indorsed the report named Children of Islamic State that depicts the Islamic terrorists aiming to recruit youngsters for their future protection. Additionally, children are not only being trained as mere officers but also as suicide bombers, preachers, spies and “executioners”. The report will be released on Wednesday in the parliament.

The report also states that terrorists create a special education curriculum for these children in order to force teach them the poisoned ideologies of extremism and bring them up as future qualified terrorists. Thus, youngsters, breastfed with these radical doctrines, are more likely to support the terrorists’ plans and become lethal fighters. Children of Islamic State declares that such children “were saved from corruption of living according to secular values”. This makes them better than the present-day Islamic officers, since they have a deeper understanding of Qur`an foundations and are trained brutally from youth.

UN is most concerned with the way the ISIS is recruiting a new generation into its army through making children watch violent videos, being present at massive terroristic acts and forcing children to play with weapons.

Their strategy resembles the situation with Charles Taylor in Liberia in mid-1990s when he won the power with the help of a rebel army, including a great number of force-recruited children.

Moreover, Islamic State leaders have also investigated the Nazi regime with its “Hitler youth” ideas. The youth of Hitler regime was taught and trained to kill everyone standing in a way of establishing the reign of Hitler. They were proud to murder for the great nation to arise. These intentions are also widely implemented in so-called “Boys of Islam” groups.

Children are massively involved into not only watching the executions but also into participating in them in order to ruin the stereotype of violence in the their heads. Their values are being ruined and changed step by step. This led to the fact that 12 child killers were brought up by the ISIS propaganda within the last half of a year.

The “recruitment” of children is frequently performed with the help of abduction. About 900 children in Iraq were kidnapped and brought forcibly to ISIS centers, where they were made to study Qur`an, taught how to use arms and various tactics. It is also known that the terrorists threaten children who refuse to join the army. Terrorists use media to frighten children within the caliphate that in case of not conforming to the order, they will be either raped or violently murdered.

The approach to educating children in Syria and Iraq was greatly conformed to the requirements of ISIS. They demand to get rid of anything like arts or philosophy claiming that such subjects preach atheism to children. Instead, they added extra-curriculum camp training where boys between the ages of ten and fifteen learn how to fight and shoot. They are also exposed to all kinds of combat maneuvers. On the contrary, girls are hidden and taught to stay at home and take care of the household and the men.

The education in these countries also includes the early-age indoctrinating. Children study Qur`an in the sense that is needed to take up jihad later.
The authors of Children of Islamic State are greatly concerned about the future of the children from all around the Earth and encourage publicity to raise awareness of children under the reign of Islamic State. As Roméo Dallaire Child Soldiers Initiative stated in the report, they hope that the following report will ensure the essential reaction of “policymakers, child protection agencies, governments, multilateral organisations, and those concerned with ending conflict in Iraq and Syria.”скачать dle 10.6фильмы бесплатно

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29 Aug 2016
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