Japan will launch a satellite to study black holes

Japan will launch a satellite to study black holes
The launch of the carrier with the new satellite Astra-H with telescopes to study black holes will be held on Wednesday in Japan from the Baikonur tanegashima (southern Kagoshima Prefecture). Originally the launch was scheduled for 12 February, but the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) has postponed it due to the bad weather conditions, said Japantimes.

The satellite Astra-H is equipped with four powerful telescopes that use both hard and soft X-ray radiation. The main of them weighs about 2.7 tons and reaches a length of 14 meters. Furthermore, the satellite are six x-ray sensors of various types that are capable of capturing wave emanating from the celestial bodies in the range from 0.3 to 600 keV (eV - the elementary unit of the particle energy). The technical capabilities of Astro-H is also possible to observe the objects about 100 times fainter than those that can be seen through the telescope on the Japanese satellite "Suzaku", launched in 2005.

The main task of the new unit, whose orbit is located at an altitude of 575 km above the Earth, will be the study of supermassive black holes, which are the final stage of the evolution of massive stars and have heavy duty gravity that not even light passes. It is known that their mass can exceed the mass of the Sun in a few hundred, and sometimes millions of times. However, the process of their formation and development so far has remained largely unexplored.

It is expected that the use of Astro-H will "peek" into the black hole at a distance of up to 8 billion light years from Earth, and determine how much gas they produce, what is the speed of matter inside them, etc. Moreover, Japanese scientists expect to obtain information about whether black holes can grow in a collision with each other. These calculations will allow a number of conclusions regarding the impact of black holes in the galaxies. Experts from Japan are also going through a new telescope to follow the various changes in the vicinity of the Milky Way.скачать dle 10.6фильмы бесплатно

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29 Aug 2016
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