Tesla Motors - Burn rubber, not gasoline

Tesla Motors - Burn rubber, not gasoline
In October 2015 Tesla Motors showed the world its electric car Tesla Model S P85D. Creator of Elon Musk kept his word given to them at the beginning of the year. Sedan is now faster, now it's to disperse hundreds of just 3.2 seconds, thus the car is competitive with such legendary cars as the Ferrari, Aston Martin, Porsche. At Tesla Model S P85D installed four-wheel drive for each axis is its motor. Tesla Motors entered the market relatively recently, when compared to its competitors, so some interesting facts about it.

Who and how founded Tesla Motors?
It is believed that the founder was the entrepreneur, engineer, investor, billionaire Elon Musk. In fact, the idea of ​​a sports car with a small fuel consumption came to a head engineer Martin Eberhard. Martin perfectly versed in lithium batteries, but know nothing about automobiles, which is why he focused all his energy on the lithium-ion batteries.

To create a company required a lot of money, car electricity projects not interested investors. All this could be only a dream Eberhard, come to nothing, has not yet begun, if the project is not interested in Elon Musk, and a couple of well-known people in the world of modern technologies: Sergey Brin and Larry Page.

These are the people in 2003 and have launched a grand project. The company was named in honor of Nikola Tesla, the man who in his time, too, paid attention to vehicles that run on electricity. In the future, Tesla Motors has become a companion Marc Tarpenning.

Tesla and Lotus, what do they have in common?
Tesla Motors did not invent the electric car from the ground up, as a basis for the Elise roadster took serial, produced by Lotus. With the plant in this model was the gasoline engine, which could accelerate the car over 200km / h. Tesla engineers have simply removed all the stuffing out of the car, and replace the gasoline engine installed battery weighing 450 kilograms, consisting of 6830 small cylindrical batteries.

With the change in the power structure of the car took the same change, and the cooling system. The company at the time employed about 100 people, but there were experts in the automotive industry, and Tesla was forced to pull out of the Lotus engineers. This could result in a grandiose scandal. Founded in 2003, the company for a long time did not give results.

The long-awaited triumph occurred in July 2006, Tesla Motors has identified around the world its first electric car - Tesla Roadster. It was a huge leap in the field of electric building. The car can accelerate in 4.5 seconds to hundreds of kilometers, and to pass on fully charged batteries up to 400 km away, and the electric could fill via the usual outlets. The maximum speed of the electric vehicle was forcibly limited to 201 km / h. Sales launched in June 2006 at a price of $ 109,000.

Ups and downs Tesla Motors
At the end of 2007 the head of the company was appointed as a specialist in high-tech Ze'ev Drori. The company has got it not in the best financial position, but the abbreviation of the state only 10%, and small changes in financial affairs, led to the fact that Tesla Motors has become profitable again.

Ze'ev Drori not last long on the role of the main director, even years. In 2008 he came to replace Elon Musk. Musk has invested in Tesla Motors 70 million dollars of his own funds. For 4 years management Elon Musk, the company sold 2,250 electric vehicles, but the company could not deliver cars to customers on time, which led to financial problems. Tesla Motors suffered losses reported

In 2009, part of the company has acquired the German carmaker DaimlerAG for $ 50 million. 465 million dollars - that such a loan in June 2009, Tesla took from the US Department of Energy. With this loan the company has paid off ahead of schedule in May 2013, ahead of the maturity of 9 years. Now the company is doing in the mountain. The market capitalization of Tesla Motors better than Suzuki and Isuzu.

Tesla Service is cheaper than other cars
The replacement car wiper blades and includes a set of tires, as the service center can check out how cool the engine and the battery.
Brake pads at the vehicle almost no wear. Almost all the boats are made with the help of regenerative braking, thus all the electric power generated during braking, is to charge the battery. Unlike cars powered by fuel and fuel having a transmission, Tesla electric cars do not have such a large number of parts, thus less in need of repair and maintenance.

Awards and achievements of Tesla Motors
Tesla Electric cars participated in the popular Top Gear. Winner of The Crunchies 2007 in the nomination "The best eco-friendly initiative" (of the development of vehicles with electric motors).

The first company motto: "Burn rubber, not gasoline."скачать dle 10.6фильмы бесплатно

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