People die from opioid abuse

People die from opioid abuse
The USA Today started the campaign to find out the reasons for a growing number of people that die due to the abuse of the tranquilizers or pain-relieving medicine. The evidence showed that the death rate of people that take these kinds of medicine get addicted to them and might die of the overdose. The number of people that died from the overdose is 1263 in 2014 while the number was 6.5% lower in 2011.

Most of the people get these medicines from their friends or acquaintances that have a legal prescription to it. Thus, the story of a young man that later became addictive to the medicine shows that he first took the drugs from his friend. As the course of the friend’s treatment shifted to a more severe medicine, he switched to it. And later was almost overdosed. His family sent him for the special treatment. This should serve as a warning for the authorities and a call for strict regulations on the painkillers distribution.скачать dle 10.6фильмы бесплатно

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29 Aug 2016
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