Human sacrifice more likely to take place in stratified societies

Human sacrifice more likely to take place in stratified societies
The study conducted by Australia and New Zealand stated that rigid societies had more evidence of frequent human sacrifices, especially those of the lower classes.
On the contrary, the elite societies had extremely low chances of killing the society member as a sacrifice. Diverse religions offered sacrifices in the shape of their slaves or even children of the religion told so. This proved that those peoples that believed in monotheism were less likely to kill their equals than those with diverse hierarchy in the system of religious theories. As the scientists told the Guardian, the motivation for the human sacrifices was almost always the system of religious views. Thus, the authorities should watch the connections between the religion and what impact it has on people as it can easily become a weapon of the social control.

Moreover, the sacrifices were common in the early ages among the societies of Arab, Germanic, Japanese as well as African cultures. But the historians question the results of the archeological discoveries as it is now hard to say whether the person was just killed or brought as a sacrifice.скачать dle 10.6фильмы бесплатно

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29 Aug 2016
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