Angela Merkel - "gray pearl" of Germany

Angela Merkel - "gray pearl" of Germany
"Grey pearl" of the Germans dubbed her the Chancellor for a long time, but the second "name" was fixed to Angela Merkel because it is very loved and respected in Germany. Despite the fact that since the end of 2015 the Chancellor ratings began to fall due to the migration of the crisis, most Germans understand that Merkel could not do otherwise. This simple woman who looks nothing like the leader of the country to shoulder a very heavy burden. Many political analysts believe that is too soft policy towards migrants suggests that the Chancellor is trying to make amends for past mistakes Germany - Merkel wants the whole world to finally forget about Nazi Germany and what happened during the Second World War.

Childhood and adolescence, Angela
Merkel was born in the west in 1954, but three years later moved with his family in the eastern region, in the GDR. Parents with little angel settled in a small town Tamplin. At school, Merkel did not stand out among their peers, but she studied at the "excellent". Russian language was given a relatively easy - students living in East Germany, we had to study it. As a child, fond of swimming and diving, entered Leipzig University at the Faculty of Physics. As a student, the Chancellor went on the exchange of young people in the USSR, and then began to meet with her first husband.

Abortive motherhood and second successful marriage
Angela chose a long time and decided to go to Ulrich Merkel, his classmate. Then they were 23 years old and younger it seemed that a whole life ahead. The couple married in 1977, and it is rumored that shortly after the wedding, doctors carried Angel sentence - infertility. Merkel never openly talked about this issue, but some sources say that for several years unsuccessfully treated Angela, I took the survey, went abroad to the best doctors, but was never able to have a baby. Ulrich wanted to continue the race, and after a while the angel left, I gave it to another woman. Ulrich felt that with his new wife, he will gain family happiness and knows the joys of fatherhood. The future Chancellor not only was able to forgive her ex-husband, but pretty soon began to meet with Joachim Sauer. They say they have been familiar for many years, but Merkel has long showed no interest for the second husband. Soon Dorothea Merkel received the news - the first husband married a woman who also was diagnosed with "infertility". Ulrich got what he deserved.

Political career
For many years, he worked in the policy department of chemistry in one of the institutions, at the age of 32 years defended a thesis, and the number of activist in the political life of the GDR. When the Berlin Wall fell, the chancellor joined the "democratic breakthrough". Developed leaflets, later got a job spokesperson, but the career of a simple typist to the angel did not suit. In 1990, the policy ran in the People's fee, but this election is over in failure - at Merkel was less than one percent of the vote. After the union of the republics future chancellor worked as a ministerial adviser in the Press and Information Committee of Germany. The mandate it has received the same, in 1990, becoming the deputy of Bundestag elections and typing on almost 50 percent of the vote. Four years later, Merkel became Minister of the Environment, and after a while it was elected general secretary of the CDU.

Chairman of the party, she was chosen in 2002, when Angela was not able to win the elections to the Bundestag. Three years later, she has become the main candidate of the CDU and CSU for the post of Federal Chancellor. In November 2005, Merkel's dream come true - it appointed Chancellor of Germany, and it becomes a "record holder", the only German woman, who was able to take such a high position in a fairly young age. Since then, Merkel is not perceived as an ordinary woman. Angela was never a beauty with ideal parameters, moreover, it did not look like "Iron Lady", as at the time of Margaret Thatcher. For a fairly modest appearance Merkel is hiding is strong and strong-willed nature. Some of the famous people say that Angela is like a perfect mother, which the artist depicted in the pictures, only in the case of the Chancellor she could not become a mother to their children and their country.

Interesting Facts
The last few years, the angel called the most influential woman in the major publications. Despite the fact that Merkel is the leader of the country since 2005, her husband takes a back seat. This was decided at a family council - the chemist Joachim did not want to be in the spotlight. It is known that even a spouse chancellor did not attend the inauguration of the Angels. By the way, the couple Merkel and Sauer met in 1984 and married only 14 years later. Unfortunately, Angela has not been able to give her husband a second child, and immersed himself in politics. Merkel has an unusual "fad", on which always make fun of policy colleagues. The fact that many of the political issues Angela decides not through direct negotiations or telephone conversations, and with the help of SMS-messages. With Merkel's phone does not leave even for a moment, and, instead, to make important calls, he prefers to send SMSes.скачать dle 10.6фильмы бесплатно

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