12 ways not to fall asleep at the wheel

12 ways not to fall asleep at the wheel
Statistical studies show that the fourth part of road accidents are caused by driver fatigue at. They are very difficult to be attentive and concentrated. It falls especially hard in long hours, long-distance and night trips. What to take to the trip passed without trouble?

Ways to overcome drowsiness and fatigue at the wheel a lot.
The most simple - a conversation with a fellow traveler. A very common and effective way. If the driver is not alone in the car and carried away in conversation, the risk of sleep is reduced to almost zero. The road seems shorter. Moreover, that companion can notice in time inhibited state of the driver and take action. It would be better if the passenger sits on the rear seat, to keep an eye in the mirror for the eye "of the commander." It is important not to overdo it with the conversation, not to miss, for example, important road sign or a pointer.

In the case where the driver is traveling alone, can help out loud energetic music. And including recording your favorite songs and can sing in a loud voice. Even if the "bear's ear has come" - not terrible, still no one hears! The fact that the activity is greatly improved singing lungs, blood begins more oxygenated and wakes the body. And when I remember the lyrics, activates brain activity.

A well-known invigorating drink - hot coffee. But its effect on the human strictly individually. Someone will feel the effect after just one cup you drink, while others only after the use of a liter of the drink. The same properties have strong tea and hot chocolate. The effect of heated beverages can last no longer than one and a half hours.

Tonic drink and plain water is also a very effective way to not fall asleep. It would be better if they are cold. In this case, an invigorating effect will manifest itself much stronger. Energy - is not a product that can add health. They contain a lot of preservatives, dyes and sugar. But in a desperate situation, and allowable quantities can take advantage of them. Effective energy as well as coffee, they contain the same caffeine, plus various additives.

Easy option with energy pills. Very often they are added vitamins. They contain all the same caffeine, but they take up little space and is conveniently packaged. Drink from a mug or banks are not so convenient. Especially since they can constantly carry with them in the glove compartment of the car.

On the advice of truckers, with a possible to take some small food: nuts, seeds, small candies, crackers. The driver will have to do quite a frequent movement behind them, do not give him to doze off. Here, too, there is a small minus. We need a sense of proportion, not to overeat. Moreover, satiety normally causes drowsiness. Do not abuse the chips, crackers, or you can amass a nuisance in the form of gastric diseases.

Experienced drivers say they do not fall asleep at the wheel to help citrus: lemons or oranges. To do this, it is enough just to smell the zest, expanding it in the cab. It's all in a bright, refreshing scent. Many are associated with this scent memories or anticipation of the holidays.

Some experienced drivers there are even extreme methods against the nap. For example, you can go sitting on an anthill! But such experiments are unpleasant, and it is better not to repeat them.

Thanks to scientific and technological inventions have the opportunity to use special electronic devices, fixing changing driver behavior on the road (delayed reaction). The system delivers an unpleasant sound. There was widespread use another system, which tracks change lanes without activating the turn signals. But the device is considered to be a simple indicator, resembling a headset. It reacts to the movement of the head. When lowering it down it emits a sharp beep.

You can perform some exercises aimed at concentration. For example, remember the brand, color and number of the oncoming cars. It would be useful to stop, get out, do some exercise, stretch their legs, the muscles of the body to come to the tone.

If all of the above methods help the already bad, then you need to stay on the sidelines and just take a nap for 15-20 minutes. This very small return for the duration of sleep and force attention.

Of course, to go on a long trip should be as follows relaxing. It is best to plan in advance all the items overnight stays, gas stations and stops, so as not to overtax the body.скачать dle 10.6фильмы бесплатно

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